ABC FHP is a living archive of typefaces designed by students and alumni at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam.
  Some of the typefaces can be downloaded, used and modified. Others are available for testing on this website. If you want to purchase a license, please contact the designer.
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ABC FHP was founded and curated by Jan Vincent Dufke.

ABC FHP was designed and founded by Jan Vincent Dufke in 2020 at FH Potsdam.

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TA Antika
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Trifon Andreev


TA Antika is a typeface in progress in the field of multiscript design. It started as a semester project at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam with a basic set of Latin and Cyrillic, designed accordingly to the Russian and Bulgarian conventions. As my interest in MM technology got bigger with time, I decided to put some more work in here, turning it into a bigger family. Currently working on the Black, I am planning to add more styles, from thin to black, covering one axis for now. TA Antika could be described as a modern take on antiqua with a humanist touch and the ambition to function perfectly in long texts and books. TA Antika v.01 features Latin with coverage of more languages otw, modern Cyrillic, ligatures, oldstyle figures, punctuation and a lot ot alternate glyphs.