ABC FHP is a living archive of typefaces designed by students and alumni at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam.
  Some of the typefaces can be downloaded, used and modified. Others are available for testing on this website. If you want to purchase a license, please contact the designer.
If you want to submit a typeface, get in touch!

ABC FHP was founded and curated by Jan Vincent Dufke.

ABC FHP was designed and founded by Jan Vincent Dufke in 2020 at FH Potsdam.

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Ulrike Rausch


Inspired by a workshop with iconic American sign painter Mike Meyer, Ulrike of LiebeFonts set out to create a versatile, lovely typeface for sign painting that looks not at all like a font but rather like the letters on a unique, hand-painted storefront sign. LiebeDoris combines the best of two worlds: the beauty of all-American sign painting and the meticulous craft of German engineering. Each and every letter in each of the four different styles in LiebeDoris was hand-painted on large sheets of paper with a brush and ink, then carefully transferred for digital typesetting. So rather than being one typeface with different weights, think of LiebeDoris as a package of four individual designs that go together very well. Advanced OpenType features enable this font to really shine: every letter in this all-caps font comes in four variations, so that two of the same letters typed in a row won’t look the same, giving a truly handmade charm.